Code of Conduct

It has always been Trend’s policy to promote proper labor practices both internally and within our supply chain. It is our belief that our employees are our most valuable assets and should be treated accordingly – and we require at minimum the following from our suppliers and sub-contractors without exception:

  1. Compliance with all local, regional and national labor laws. Including, but not limited to anti-corruption practices, health and safety standards, wages, benefits, and hourly work/rest requirements..
  2. Forced, indentured, bonded or child labor shall not be allowed.
  3. All employees should be treated with respect as human beings, and shall not be subjected to any form of abuse (including verbal, psychological, physical, or sexual)
  4. No discrimination shall be made in terms of employment (including, but not limited to, salary, benefits, advancement or discipline) based on age, gender, social or ethnicity.
  5. Working environment shall be safe and healthy, as established by local laws and regulation. Proper safety equipment shall be used as needed to prevent accidents and injury. Workers should have access to clean drinking water and sanitary rest facilities. Workers shall be provided with adequate lighting and ventilation as needed to perform their prescribed duties, and shall also be aware of locations for fire extinguishing equipment and nearest emergency exits.
  6. Machinery and equipment used must be kept in good/safe working order, and operators must be properly trained in their use.

At Trend we believe how we conduct our business is just as important as the products and services we provide.